Addressable Fire

Addressable Fire
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38531-771, Blank XPERT Card

38531-771, Blank XPERT CardA universal address card supplied with all bases. Using a coding guid..

45681-210, Intelligent Mounting Base

45681-210, Intelligent Mounting BaseAll detectors in the Discovery range fit the Intelligent&nbs..

45681-277, Integrated Base Sounder

45681-277, Integrated Base SounderThe Integrated Base Sounder comprises of a base sounder with i..

45681-330, Sounder Visual Indicator Base

55000-400, XP95 Heat DetectorThe Sounder Visual Indicator Base is a loop-powered sounder and vis..

53832-070, MiniDisc Remote Indicator

53832-070, MiniDisc Remote IndicatorThe MiniDisc Remote Indicator is a light-weight, compact,&nb..

55000-001, Intelligent Open-Area Sounder

55000-001, Intelligent Open-Area SounderThe Intelligent Open-Area Sounder has been designed..

55000-005, Intelligent Open-Area Sounder Beacon

55000-005, Intelligent Open-Area Sounder BeaconThe Intelligent Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicato..

55000-400, XP95 Heat Detector

55000-400, XP95 Heat DetectorThe XP95 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single therm..

55000-600, XP95 Optical Smoke Detector

55000-600, XP95 Optical Smoke DetectorThe XP95 Optical Smoke Detector works using the light scat..

55000-885, XP95 Multisensor Detector

55000-885, XP95 Multisensor DetectorThe XP95 multisensor Detector contains an optical smoke sens..

58200-951, Discovery Waterproof Call Point

58200-951, Discovery Waterproof Call PointApollo's Waterproof Addressable Manual Call Point..

CHQ-BACKBOX, Module Back Box


CHQ-POM, Powered Output Module

CHQ-POM, Powered Output ModuleHOCHIKI CHQ-POM Model CHQ-POM is ..