Dahua AirShield Range

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Dahua AirShield Kit with Keyfobs

Code: DHI-ALARMKIT-WITHKEYFOBSIncludes:x1 2G Model Hubx2 PIRSx1 Magnetic Contactx1 External Sirenx1 ..

Dahua AirShield Kit with Keypad

Code: DHI-ALARMKIT-WITHKEYPADSIncludes:x1 2G Model Hub x2 PIRS x1 Magnetic Contact x1 External Siren..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Break Glass Detector

Code: DHI-ARD512-W2(868)Features:Detects when the glass is broken, triggering alarms for different t..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Door Detector Plus

Code: DHI-ARD324-W2(868)Features:Displays the temperature of the surrounding environment and support..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Dual Tech Detector

Code: DHI-ARD2231-W2(868)Features:Pet immunity function. Auto temperature compensation. 3-..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Keyfob

Code: DHI-ARA24-W2(868)Features:4 buttons: Away arm, Stay arm, Disarm, SOS.Remote configuration, clo..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Magnetic Contact

Code: DHI-ARD323-W2(868)Features:Detection gap up to 40mm.1-ch wired zone interface.Remote configura..

Dahua AirShield Wireless PIR Camera

Code: DHI-ARD1731-W2(868)Features:Maximum resolution 1600*1200Based on the RF-HD image transmission ..

Dahua AirShield Wireless PIR Detector (Pet Immunity)

Code: DHI-ARD1233-W2(868)Features:Detection Range: 12m/90°(2.2m mounting height)Up to 18KG pet immun..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Small Door Detector Plus

Code: DHI-ARD324-W2(868S)Features:Displays the temperature of the surrounding environment and suppor..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Small Magnetic Contact

Code: DHI-ARD323-W2(868S)Features:Signal strength detection.Low battery alarm.Temperature measuremen..

Dahua AirShield Wireless Smoke Alarm

Code: DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868)Features:Split-spectrum sensor technologyTest and silence features in one ..