Intruder Alarms Kits

Intruder Alarms Kits
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EURO 46 Grade 2 Wired Kit 1

EURO 46 Wired Kit 1Grade 2 Wired Kit with 3 Detectors and 2 TagsEURO46/KIT1If you requir..

EURO 46 Grade 2 Wireless kit 1

EURO 46 Wireless kit 1Grade 2 Wireless Kit with 3 Detectors and 1 Door ContactEURO46ENF/KIT1..

G2K3WL-01-C, G2-20 Wireless Kit

G2K3WL-01-C G2-20 Wireless KitUnique two way wireless security in a one stop box, perfe..

G2K3WR-01-C, G2-12 Wired Kit

G2K3WR-01-C G2-12 Wired KitPerfect for small commercial and residential installations ..

Secure Kit Plus Grade 2 Kit

Secure Kit Grade 2x plusPyronix and Castle present the Secure Kit Grade 2x Plus; including the E..