Smoke Security Systems

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CSS-EXAGON, Alarm Interface & Switch

CSS-EXAGONSmoke Screen CSS-EXAGON, Alarm Interface & Switch  ..

CSS-GRD-230, Guardian ATM & Rapid Deploy

CSS-GRD-230Smoke Screen CSS-GRD-230, Guardian ATM & Rapid DeployThe multi-award winning ..


CSS-LBA-875Smoke Screen CSS-LBA-875, Large Bladder (Fluid A) (S100/150) ..

CSS-S100-230, Sentinel S100

CSS-S100-230Smoke Screen Sentinel S100Available with two nozzle configurations (the S100 sin..

CSS-S30-230, Sentinel S30

CSS-S30-230Smoke Screen Sentinel S30The S30 is frequently used to provide protection in jewe..

CSS-S3B, S3B Sound Barrier (Infra-Sonic Sounder)

CSS-S3BSmoke Screen CSS-S3B, S3B Sound Barrier (Infra-Sonic Sounder)The Smoke Screen Sound B..

CSS-S70-230, Sentinel S70

CSS-S70-230Smoke Screen Sentinel S70In the S70, precision engineered heater blocks and state..


CSS-SBA-500Smoke Screen CSS-SBA-500, Small Bladder (Fluid A) (S100/150) ..

CSS-STR-230, Security Strobe

CSS-STR-230Smoke Screen CSS-STR-230, Security Strobe  ..