Security Lighting

Security Lighting
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4 Zone Expansion Unit

4 Zone Expansion UnitDesigned to work with the GJD DygiZone digital lighting controller and th..

DygiZone Lighting Controller

DygiZone Lighting ControllerDigital 4 Zone Security Lighting Controller & EnunciatorGJD'..

Emerald 3000 Controller

Emerald 3000 MK3230 Volt Two Zone ControllerThe GJD Emerald 3000 MK3 is a stand-alone, dual..


LightCamera Putting security in the spotlight Illuminating and verifying, with the power to act L..

Mini Opal

Mini Opal External PIR DetectorExternal PIR Detector - PIR Motion SensorThe Mini Opal is an ..

Opal XL External PIR Detector

Opal XL External PIR DetectorExternal PIR Detector - Passive Infrared DetectorsOur External ..

Sapphire 1500

Sapphire 1500230 Volt Single Zone ControllerThe GJD Sapphire is a stand alone, single area s..

Solitaire Expansion Unit

Solitaire Expansion UnitThe Solitaire Expansion Unit works in conjunction with the DygiZone digi..