PSG412-5, 5X4 Way PSU Keycoded

PSG412-5, 5X4 Way PSU Keycoded



The PSG range of CCTV power supplies are specifically manufactured for ease of use for installers. 4 Digit combination locks to open the unit (as well as an engineers key) makes your installation safe and secure.

The circuit board inside uses PTC Carbon fuses. When traditional fuses are being used for overcurrent protection, it can only protect them once then must be replaced. The PTC resettable fuse is a new-type of overcurrent protection element which has two functions providing overcurrent protection and automatic reset.


  • Input Voltage 187-253V
  • 4x12VDC Outputs
  • Maximum output of 5Amps
  • Surge protected
  • Individual LED Output Indicators
  • White Powder Coated Steel Enclosure












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