Galaxy Range

Galaxy Range
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C079-2, Galaxy RF Portal

C079-2 Galaxy RF PortalThe NEW RF Portal wireless system expander module enables a tota..

DF8M, Wireless Smoke sensor

DF8M Wireless Smoke sensorWireless Smoke sensor with built-in sounderFeatures..

DO800M, Door/window magnetic contact

DO800M Door/window magnetic contactWireless Smoke sensor with built-in sounderFeatu..

DODT800GY-B, Door contact with auxiliary Input

DODT800GY-B Door contact with auxiliary InputFeaturesInternal and External conta..

FG8M, Wireless Glassbreak Sensor

FG8M Wireless Glassbreak SensorHoneywell’s NEW FG8M wireless acoustic glassbreak senso..

IR8M, Wireless Passive infrared sensor

IR8M Wireless Passive infrared sensorKey features include:11M x 12M detection ra..

IRPI8M, Passive infrared sensor with pet-immunity

IRPI8M Passive infrared sensor with pet-immunitySelectable immunity for animals weighi..

SHK8M, Wireless shock sensor

SHK8M Wireless shock sensorWireless Piezo Shock Sensor The NEW SHKC8M & SHK8M wire..

SHKC8M, Wireless shock sensor with Contact

SHKC8M Wireless shock sensor with ContactWireless Piezo Shock Sensor The NEW SHKC8M &a..