Galaxy Range

Galaxy Range
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C079-2, Galaxy RF Portal

C079-2 Galaxy RF PortalThe NEW RF Portal wireless system expander module enables a tota..

DF8M, Wireless Smoke sensor

DF8M Wireless Smoke sensorWireless Smoke sensor with built-in sounderFeatures..

DO800M, Door/window magnetic contact

DO800M Door/window magnetic contactWireless Smoke sensor with built-in sounderFeatu..

FG8M, Wireless Glassbreak Sensor

FG8M Wireless Glassbreak SensorHoneywell’s NEW FG8M wireless acoustic glassbreak senso..

IR8M, Wireless Passive infrared sensor

IR8M Wireless Passive infrared sensorKey features include:11M x 12M detection ra..

IRPI8M, Passive infrared sensor with pet-immunity

IRPI8M Passive infrared sensor with pet-immunitySelectable immunity for animals weighi..

SHK8M, Wireless shock sensor

SHK8M Wireless shock sensorWireless Piezo Shock Sensor The NEW SHKC8M & SHK8M wire..

SHKC8M, Wireless shock sensor with Contact

SHKC8M Wireless shock sensor with ContactWireless Piezo Shock Sensor The NEW SHKC8M &a..