Coopers Range

Coopers Range
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701reur-50, Long Range Neck Pendant Transmitter

701reur-50,Long Range Neck Pendant Transmitter  Hopefully, you’ll never need to find o..

701reur-60, Short Range Pendant Transmitter

701reur-60,Short Range Pendant Transmitter  Hopefully, you’ll never need to find out w..

702reur-00, Watch Pendant

702reur-00,Watch Pendant  Watch Pendant can be used as wrist, neck or broach. Operatin..

703reur-00, 4 Channel Transmitter

703reur-00,4 Channel Transmitter  Behind the clean, contemporary looks of the 703 lies..

705reur-00, Personal Attack Transmitter

705reur-00,Personal Attack Transmitter  Hopefully, your staff will never need to find ..

706reur-00, Hand Held Long Range PA

706reur-00,Hand Held Long Range PA  The 706rEUR-00 has an integral tilt switch and can..

710reur-00, Dual Operation Personal Attack Transmitter

710reur-00,Dual Operation Personal Attack Transmitter  Hopefully, your staff will neve..

720reur-00, Optical Smoke Detector

720reur-00,Optical Smoke Detector  This advanced smoke detector and transmitter consta..

727reur-00, Super-encrypt Keyfob, Personal Attack Transmitter

727reur-00,Super-encrypt Keyfob, Personal Attack Transmitter  To look at our range of ..

734reur-00, 4 Channel Door Contact

734reur-00,4 Channel Door Contact  The 734rEUR-00 and -01 transmitters are des..

738reur-00, Radio 'Spyder' Shock Sensor

738reur-00,Radio 'Spyder' Shock Sensor  Combining this advanced technology with Scantr..

739reur-00, Break Glass Detector

739reur-00,Break Glass Detector  The 739r Transmitter is designed for use as a transmi..

762reur-00, 2 Channel Receiver 700 Series

762reur-00,2 Channel Receiver 700 Series  The 762 2-channel narrow-band receiver enabl..

Compact Kit

i-on Compact Kiti-on Compact-KitEaton - i-on Compact-Kit, Includes - COMPACT XCELRPT x3 DET-..

Compact Kit GSM

i-on Compact Kit GSMi-on Compact-Kit GSMi-on Compact-Kit-GSM, COMPACT XCELRPT x3, DET-RDC-W,..

Compact Kit PSTN

i-on Compact Kit PSTNi-on Compact-Kiti-on Compact-Kit-PSTN, Includes - COMPACT XCELRPT x3 DE..

Compact Kit WIFI

i-on Compact Kit Wifii-on Compact-Kit wifiEaton i-on Compact-Kit-wifi, Includes - COMPACT XC..

I-DIG02, Plug In Comms Module for Connection to Central Station over Telephone Line

I-DIG02,Plug In Comms Module for Connection to Central Station over Telephone Line  Th..

I-FB01, Remote Control for the I-ON16

I-FB01,Remote Control for the I-ON16  Remote Control for the i-on16. Allows setting, p..

I-GSM02, GSM Dialler

I-GSM02,GSM Dialler  The i-gsm02 module is designed to fit on the i-on40, i-on30EX/D a..

I-KP01, Wired Keypad for the I-ON Range

I-KP01,Wired Keypad for the I-ON RangeThe i-kp01 is designed to work with the i-on16, i-on40..

I-ON 16 Control Panel with 16 Zones & Wired Keypad

I-ON 16Control Panel with 16 Zones & Wired KeypadGrade 2x, works with Scantronic 7 serie..

i-on Compact

i-on Compact Paneli-on Compact Integrated Wireless Intruder Panel with Built-in Ethernet IP Comm..

I-ON30EX, 10 Zone Control Panel

I-ON30EX,10 Zone Control PanelThe i-on30EX is a control unit for a hybrid wired/wirefree ala..