KX12DT3-WE Dual Tech

KX12DT3-WE Dual Tech

Pyronix KX12DT3-WE Dual Tech Detector

The KX12DT-WE is a 12 metre, dual technology, two way wireless detector strategically priced to provide you with an affordable commercial solution whilst also catering for more hostile residential applications. The KX12DT-WE utilises a PIR and Microwave module to provide the added stability you need for commercial installations and provides a more robust solution in residential environments such as the garage or conservatory.

The KX12DT-WE resides within the double award winning Enforcer range. Connecting to either the 32 zone Enforcer control panel, or if further flexibility is required, the EURO-ZEM32-WE can be utilised to connect to the commercial Castle Euro control panels.

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